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"The Last Blast of Summer"
September 2-3, 2017 10am to 5pm
Broadway Avenue, Millbrae, California
Millbrae festival tips

Making the Most of Your Visit to the Millbrae Art & Wine Festival

To maximize your enjoyment, here are some helpful tips in planning your trip to the Millbrae Art & Wine Festival, September 2-3, 2017:

  • artist at workBe kind to your pet companions (i.e., dogs), and leave them in the comforts of their own home. Pets are not allowed at the festival.
  • Dress comfortably, put on some sunscreen, wear a hat to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Wear shoes you feel comfortable strolling in. The festival covers several city blocks, so you’ll be walking a lot.
  • Consider backpacking children. Strollers take up more space and are difficult to navigate through crowds.
  • For your convenience, pay for drink tokens and glasses using any major credit card at the Token/Glass booths spread throughout the festival.
  • Bring along cash for food and beverages. Not all food and beverage vendors accept credit cards.
  • Don’t fill up on food at the first food booth you see. Stroll around a bit to get a flavor of the offerings, then sample several of the dishes that appeal to you.
  • Be careful with your consumption of beer and wine. Drink plenty of water. The weather can be warm.
  • Think about your holiday shopping when browsing the arts and crafts booths. Festivals offer unique gifts you can stash away until December.
  • Consider using public transportation. For Caltrain/SamTrans information, call 800-660-4287 or go to http://www.caltrain.com/ or http://www.samtrans.com. Over Labor Day weekend BART will be closing the tracks between Glen Park and Daly City to make necessary repairs. SamTrans will provide free express shuttle buses between Daly City and Glen Park stations. The bus ride will take approximately 15-20 minutes and all buses will be accessible. From Daly City there will be trains to/from Millbrae. Caltrain service will run as usual and may be a good alternative for folks travelling to/from Millbrae on the Peninsula. For details, visit http://www.bart.gov/news/articles/2016/news20160615-2


Broadway Avenue
(between Victoria and Meadow Glen)
Millbrae, California

September 2-3, 2017
10am – 5pm