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"The Last Blast of Summer"
September 2-3, 2017 10am to 5pm
Broadway Avenue, Millbrae, California
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Millbrae Festival Delectable Food Offerings

Summertime Classics and Hot Trends in Cool Desserts

Labor Day weekend is a great excuse to give in to your favorite food cravings and head over to the Millbrae Art & Wine Festival. On September 2-3, whether you’re dreaming of spicy sausages on the grill or double-dipped decadent desserts, this 47th annual street fair has it all.

gyros and more
The festival will offer global specialties stretching from the American South to Vietnam to the Middle East.
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Mike Hutslar attracts a devoted following year after year with his half-pound, “Kick Ass” smoked pork and beef sausages slathered with grilled onions and sauerkraut. And if you pace yourself right, you’ll be able to polish off his curly fries and fried zucchini as well.

Aroma Catering makes no bones about their rib-sticking fare, making meat eaters happy with super-sized tri-tip sandwiches and turkey legs, and wowing vegetarians with high-rise Portobello mushroom sandwiches and sublime garlic fries.

Hot & Sizzling Grill adds a Greek accent to its meat, with Mediterranean herbs and spices flavoring the lamb and chicken that comes in a pita or atop fluffy rice. The yogurt-garlic tzatziki sauce makes it all even tastier, and goes equally well with their handmade falafel sandwiches and even their sausages.

It’s Italy via California at Gourmet Faire, where fried calamari marinated in Key lime gets a dollop of lime-watercress pesto. Fries are elevated to gourmet treats when they’re tossed with either crabmeat or freshly chopped garlic.

Sonoma Teriyaki is known for their pan-Asian cuisine, from teriyaki chicken-on-a-stick and vegetarian chow mein to the Filipino spring roll called lumpia. Their second booth branches out across the globe, offering gyros, tri-tip tacos, quesadillas, garlic fries, and fried artichoke and zucchini.


The name Stick-n-Grilled lets you know they’re all about skewers and flames. The sweet/sour/garlicky chicken is grilled on a stick and served over noodles, atop rice, or tucked into a wrap. Another age-old method of meat on a stick is the vertical rotisserie, which slowly cooks their succulent gyro meat to perfection.

Sweet Delights has something for everyone: gyros, crab stacks, Philly cheesesteaks, burgers, hot dogs, and sausages, plus the classic street fair dessert—funnel cakes with fresh fruit and whipped cream.

Need an energy boost for another few hours at the festival? Load up on some luscious carbs at Ear-Good Corn Roaster, serving up roasted fresh corn and humongous baked potatoes with every imaginable topping.

festival food booths beer battered fries, garlic fries, fried artichokes

Corn is also the theme at Olde Tyme Kettle Corn, with its famous sweet ‘n’ salty snack. But now they’ve also quenching thirst and attracting cool-drink trend followers with their fruit smoothies, bubble teas and the hot new dessert craze—mangonada, mango sorbet with chopped fresh mango and a generous sprinkling of chili salt.

Speaking of cold, Dippin’ Dots are mini ice cream orbs frozen to minus 41 degrees. Too cold to stick together, they melt only when they hit your mouth. Classic ice-cream flavors include everything from cookie dough to banana split.

Another trend in really cold desserts is ice cream made on the spot with liquid nitrogen. Don’t be alarmed by the smoky drama at Cryocream. They’ll just be making cookies-and-cream and salted caramel ice cream.

Hungry for even more frozen fun? Check out the new craze in shaved ice at Rainbow Snow—a layer of vanilla ice cream at the bottom of the bowl to soak up the fluffy, custom-flavored shaved ice. Or if you’re hankering for something savory, sink your teeth into their grilled Colby jack cheese sandwiches on double-thick Texas toast, or an old-fashioned corn dog, with a side of crispy-sweet onion rings.

But wait, check out this final foray into fantasty frozen desserts! Gelati Creation has re-interpreted the classic icy Italian fruit sorbetto in popsicle form and jazzed it up with nutty and chocolaty dipping and topping options.

You can get your coffee fix anytime at Bay Bridge Coffee, with everything from espressos and lattes to iced chai tea. Blended drinks are on the menu as well, including fruit-, coffee- and chocolate-based smoothies with optional ice cream. Why not? It’s a holiday weekend.


Broadway Avenue
(between Victoria and Meadow Glen)
Millbrae, California

September 2-3, 2017
10am – 5pm