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"The Last Blast of Summer"
September 1-2, 2018 10am to 5pm
Broadway Avenue, Millbrae, California
Millbrae festival tips

Making the Most of Your Visit to the Millbrae Art & Wine Festival

To maximize your enjoyment, here are some helpful tips in planning your trip to the Millbrae Art & Wine Festival, September 1-2, 2018:

  • artist at workBe kind to your pet companions (i.e., dogs), and leave them in the comforts of their own home. Pets are not allowed at the festival.
  • Dress comfortably, put on some sunscreen, wear a hat to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Wear shoes you feel comfortable strolling in. The festival covers several city blocks, so you’ll be walking a lot.
  • Consider backpacking children. Strollers take up more space and are difficult to navigate through crowds.
  • For your convenience, pay for drink tokens and glasses using any major credit card at the Token/Glass booths spread throughout the festival.
  • Bring along cash for food and beverages. Not all food and beverage vendors accept credit cards.
  • Don’t fill up on food at the first food booth you see. Stroll around a bit to get a flavor of the offerings, then sample several of the dishes that appeal to you.
  • Be careful with your consumption of beer and wine. Drink plenty of water. The weather can be warm.
  • Think about your holiday shopping when browsing the arts and crafts booths. Festivals offer unique gifts you can stash away until December.
  • Consider using public transportation. For Caltrain/SamTrans information, call 800-660-4287 or go to http://www.caltrain.com or http://www.samtrans.com. BART is another transportation alternative. For BART information, go to http://www.bart.gov. The BART/Caltrain intermodal station is a short 3-block walk to/from the festival.


Broadway Avenue
(between Victoria and Meadow Glen)
Millbrae, California

September 1-2, 2018
10am – 5pm