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"The Last Blast of Summer"
September 1-2, 2018 10am to 5pm
Broadway Avenue, Millbrae, California
kids playland features zipline and more

Awesome Kids’ Amusements In Playland

Thrill-of-a-Lifetime Zip-line, Wild and Wacky Waterballerz, Bungee Jump, Carnival Rides, Face Painting and Temporary Tattoos

Kids' PlaylandFor endless adventure, sheer excitement and an unbeatable entertainment value with activities the whole family will enjoy, head for the action-packed Kids’ Playland at the Millbrae Art & Wine Festival, September 1-2 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Broadway. Located at the festival’s north end, at Broadway and Meadow Glen, the amusements for youngsters of all ages are enthralling and endless!

ZipLine074 lg
Zip-line (above) and Waterballerz (below)


The Zip-line (at Taylor) and Waterballerz (at La Cruz), are separate from the Kids’ Playland area which is at Meadow Glen.

Let the excitement begin with our AWESOMELY FUN ZIP-LINE! Zip-liners are safety harnessed, then climb a spiral staircase up to the crow’s nest 28 feet in the air. They are then attached to the zipline by our trained team via a redundant safety pulley and prepared for launch. Two at a time can zip side by side so not only will they enjoy the ride but also shriek in unison while in flight. Flying through the air reaching over 20 MPH they approach the specially designed power pack decelerator and come to a gradual stop. The smiles, laughter, and squeals say it all … it’s a real rush; the thrill of a lifetime!

For a real scream, you gotta try Waterballerz! Participants climb into a giant, clear inflatable ball which is filled with fresh air. The the ball is zipped up, which completely seals it, and they enter an inflatable pool that is 24 by 24 feet and literally walk (and roll) on water. Run, jump, bounce, walk inside the balls on water. As many as six balls can be in the pool at one time. This exciting attraction is a total blast and always a hit!

bungee jumpQuad Bungee

face paintingFace Painting

Fun Slide
Super Slide

frogHopper lgFroghopper


Water gun races
Water Gun Races

Are you ready to jump high into the sky?  Flip around and catch some massive air? With Mobile Rock’s incredibly fun Quad Bungee, up to 4 people can be jumping at one time. Flips are fun and easy to do. Heights of 20' above the ground can be reached. Parents get a real kick out of watching their kids have a blast. Try out our extreme air bouncing equipment to practice stunts or simply for fun exercise.

Longtime festival favorite Linda Vogel is hands-down the best face painter around. She uses a water-based paint “that doesn’t stain”, offering dozens of unique face painting designs. You can tell by the line that forms in front that this is one popular booth.

“Genial George” D’Olivo is a kid’s best friend. His company, Classic Amusements, provides exciting rides, games and concessions for special events throughout the West. D’Olivo’s well-maintained equipment, friendly staff and selection of sought-after attractions have turned the Millbrae Art & Wine Festival into a “can’t miss” event for families. “Bring out the whole family,” said D’Olivo. “It’s the best family entertainment value around.” Tickets are $1.25 each and most of the rides charge 3 tickets. Discounts are available based on the number of tickets you buy -- a 20 ticket sheet is $20 and a 50 ticket sheet is $45. Unlimited ride all-day wristbands will also be available for $30 for the most hard-core amusement enthusiast.

mechanical swing ride
Mechanical Swing

Fast pitch
Speed Pitch


Kids KoptersKids Kopter

Kids will go bonkers over the colorful and imposing 100’ long Super Slide. Jump in a burlap sack and shoot down the slide at warp speed for three lanes of fantastic fun!

Returning are smash hits including the Dixieland Twister, a 10-seat mechanical speed swing, and the Froghopper, a guaranteed tummy tickler that takes riders 25’ up in the air and bounce drops them like a frog. Strap yourself in the cockpit for the ride of your lifetime on the Loop-O-Plane.

Are you a flamethrower? Take a windup, throw your best fastball and see the radar gun reading on “Speed Pitch”. Strap yourself in the Berry-Go-Round ride, turn the wheel and see how fast and loud you can twist and shout. Buckle up and get ready for lift-off on the exciting Kids Kopters ride. Take dead aim, shoot the clown, blow up the balloon and win a fabulous prize at Water Gun Races.

At The Great Crab Grab, contestants toss a ping-pong ball into a fishbowl — accurate tossers win and take home live hermit crabs, a cool critter companion!



Broadway Avenue
(between Victoria and Meadow Glen)
Millbrae, California

September 1-2, 2018
10am – 5pm