Please note this information is from the 2019 event although the dates are correct for 2021.
Please return 3-4 weeks prior to the event when we post information for the 2021 event.

Millbrae Festival Food a Mouthwatering Melting Pot

From gargantuan curly fries to finger-licking good smoked ribs, the edible offerings at the Millbrae Art & Wine Festival are always varied and delicious. The Bay Area’s best makers and vendors of fabulously festive fare will be on hand dishing up the tastiness September 4-5, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Broadway.

family getting teriyaki bowls
The big annual street fair will feature many new vendors, taking your taste buds on a tour from the good old US of A to Mexico, the Mediterranean, Asia and as far as West Africa.
festival food including sausages, hotdogs and all the fixings

Satisfy your summertime fresh corn craving at Ear-Good Corn Roaster, or maybe dig into one of their massive baked potatoes. Suitcase Ron and Olde Tyme Kettle Corn are perennial favorites with their salty-sweet snack, but don’t miss out on the other Olde Tyme options: fruit smoothies, bubble teas and mangonadas—mango sorbet topped with fresh mango and a whisper of chili salt.

Bringing a refreshing taste of Mexico to the festival, Gaspachos sells hand-cut fruit cups and blended fruit drinks. Get creative with your order and request a custom drink with any or all of this year’s fruits—strawberry, mango, jicama, cucumber and pineapple.

Fans of fried calamari get a special treat at Gourmet Faire, where they marinate the mouthwatering mollusks in Key lime juice and top them with lime-watercress pesto. Seafood specialties also include crab rolls and crab fries.

Square Egg Smokehouse is the spot for barbecue with their finger-licking good smoked ribs and smoked chicken complemented by their tasty shrimp noodles and shrimp salads.

Meat lovers appreciate Uncle Mike’s for his tried-and-true American fare—half-pound smoked pork and beef sausages smothered with grilled onions and sauerkraut, corn dogs, curly fries and fried zucchini.

Time traveling back to one of the most ancient sauces known to modern-day foodies, Hot & Sizzling Grill makes a sublime garlicky yogurt tzatziki to top off classic Greek herb-marinated lamb and chicken, as well as their crispy falafel.

You’ll have your choice among several Asian cuisines at Sonoma Teriyaki, offering Japanese teriyaki chicken-on-a-stick, Chinese vegetarian chow mein and Filipino lumpias. They add some more variety with tri-tip tacos, quesadillas and deep-fried zucchini.

Continuing in the international arena is Yummy Catering. Their mouthwatering menu includes succulent spring rolls egg rolls, pad thai, Vietnamese subs, baked potatoes with all the trimmings, and young coconut juice.

barbecued chicken skewersThe national chicken wing craze has inspired endlessly innovative approaches to this once maligned chicken part. Chicken and the Farm is sure to elicit some clucking in the crowd with their over-the-top flavors. There’s honey-walnut, sweet ginger-garlic, mango-habanero, and blue cheese with green onions and buffalo drizzle, as well as their most popular—The Dirty Birdy—an Asian coating doused in a sriracha-sesame mayo sauce. All flavors are available on wings, boneless chicken bites and cauliflower bites. They’ll have salads as well: a snazzy Chinese chicken salad with the Dirty Birdy sauce and wild rice with almonds, peas, artichoke hearts and water chestnuts.

For something on the meaty side, there’s Aroma Catering, where tri-tip sandwiches and turkey legs tip the scales, and burgers, hot dogs and fried calamari feed the less ravenous appetite. Don't want meat? No problem—just dig into the towering Portobello mushroom sandwiches and crispy fried zucchini and artichokes.

cold treatsIt’s likely to be a toasty weekend, so Snowie Snow Cones of Napa will be in great demand, especially with captivating flavors like wild cherry, blue raspberry, tiger's blood and watermelon. More cooling-off options will be at Rainbow Snow, where the custom-flavored shaved ice sits atop a rich layer of vanilla ice cream.

The Juicery will have organic slushies on tap, such as their Arnold Palmer Freeze and Red Hibiscus Frost, as well other thirst-quenching drinks like fresh watermelon juice and limeade.

Another great summery treat is the Dole Whip at Treats By The Bay. Made famous at Disneyland’s Enchanted Tiki Room (once sponsored by the Hawaiian pineapple giant) it’s a nondairy pineapple soft serve ice cream, with a splash of pineapple juice as an added option. They also bake mini donuts right in their booth, serving them nice and warm with a dusting of cinnamon sugar.


Millbrae Art and Wine Festival

"The Last Blast of Summer"
September 4-5, 2021 10am to 5pm
Broadway Avenue, Millbrae, CA